'Funhammer Christmas Cracker 40k 11/12/22 Ticket

'Funhammer Christmas Cracker 40k 11/12/22 Ticket

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A ticket for 'Funhammer Christmas Cracker 40k 11/12/22

Dice Saloon is proud to present a regular series of casually-competitive Warhammer 40000 events, aimed at players who want to experience tournament 40k in a relaxed and fun setting.  
The event will consist of three 1500 point games of Warhammer 40,000. We will be using the Strike Force missions from the most recent 40k Grand Tournament pack.  
Prizes will be awarded for Renaissance Player, Best General (I.e. biggest try hard) and Coolest Army.  
Funhammer welcomes players of all experience levels. The minimum expectation is that you have played one or two games with the Chapter Approved pack and have some familiarity with the missions. More experienced players are welcome to come, however it would be appreciated if you tone down your lists a little and remember that this is a casually competitive event, where the true prize is having fun games with fun people.