Game of Phones

Game of Phones
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Game of Phones works along the lines of Apples to Apples, with one player serving as judge each round and the other players usually trying to do something so that the judge awards them the point for that round.

For this game, all of the challenges involve you using your smartphone. More specifically, the judge draws a card for the round and reads the prompt to everyone else, e.g., "Find the best #selfie" or "Show the last photo you took" or "Find the weirdest Google Image search result for your name". Everyone finds something on their phones and shows the judge, who then chooses a winner for that round. The first player to win ten rounds wins the game.


Min Players 3
Max Players 6
Min Playtime 15
Max Playtime 15
Age 13
Mechanic Hand Management, Simultaneous Action Selection,
Category Card Game, Electronic, Humor, Party Game,
Designer Luke Stern, Sam Wander,
Product Type Board game,