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Gearworks is a puzzle-style board game featuring card placement, hand management, and a "twist" on area control. The game is often described as "Sudoku meets steampunk."

Strategically position your gears to fix a mysterious clockwork machine in the corner of the workshop. Collect parts created by the machine each round by being the last player to fix its various components. As a tinkerer, you can certainly put those parts to good use and create fantastical contraptions!

Will the other tinkerers sabotage your efforts or will you earn the workshop owner's favor and become the master tinkerer?

—description from the publisher


Min Players 1
Max Players 4
Min Playtime 30
Max Playtime 45
Age 10
Mechanic Area Majority / Influence, Hand Management, Set Collection, Tile Placement, Variable Player Powers,
Category Card Game,
Artist Jason Flack, Sheryl Chieng, Yoma,
Designer Kirk Dennison,
Product Type Board game,