Ghost Towns: Deadlands

Visit the strangest locales in the West, and find a new place to hang your hat! In the Weird West, every town stands at risk of destruction by natural disaster, man\'s folly, or the dangers lurking in the dark. At every turn, a settler\'s path is menaced by threats mundane, terrifying, and just plain odd. Ghost Towns gives you the lowdown on seven new burgs, plucked from every corner of the West, for use in your Deadlands Reloaded campaign. All the major players, points of interest, and mysterious plots are detailed, with Savage Tales ready to roll. If seven ain\'t enough for you, amigo, you\'re in luck you can have as many as you want! Ghost Towns includes a random generator to make creating your own strange locales a snap. A quick shuffle and a little thought and you can call a whole town into being in an instant be the envy of Hucksters and developers everywhere! After all, everyone needs a place to call home no matter what\'s whispering from the shadowed corners or hiding inside the local shopkeeper. Ghost Towns is not a complete game. It s a supplement for the Deadlands setting for Savage Worlds

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