Legend of the Five Rings: In Pursuit of Truth

Legend of the Five Rings: In Pursuit of Truth
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The Emerald Empire is gripped by turmoil. The Scorpion have seized the capital and Bayushi Shoju sits upon the throne as regent. While evil forces make their moves in the south and within the realm, the clans scrabble for power, abandoning the honorable virtues of Bushidō. Which clans can survive the coming storm, and will Rokugan endure with its noble soul intact?

Navigate the chaos with In Pursuit of Truth, the third Dynasty Pack in the Dominion cycle for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game!

As part of the Dominion cycle, In Pursuit of Truth adds unique new mechanics to challenge players’ understanding of the game—most especially with your provinces. The provinces under your control have been changed forever by the introduction of events in your dynasty deck, along with two new keywords: eminent and rally. Whether you’re venturing into enemy territory or defending your own people from invasion, you’ll find the game’s provinces placed in the spotlight.

—description from the publisher


minplayers 2
maxplayers 4
minplaytime 45
maxplaytime 90
age 14
mechanic Action Points
mechanic Deck Construction
mechanic Hand Management
mechanic Secret Unit Deployment
category Expansion for Base-game
category Card Game
category Collectible Components
category Fantasy
designer Brad Andres
designer Tyler Parrott
Product Type Board game