Infinity N4 Core Rules

Infinity N4 Core Rules
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Released On: 25.09.2020

Infinity is a 28mm metal miniatures game simulating special operations and skirmishes in a high technology sci-fi universe; an exciting and action-packed near-future where secret missions, black ops, and covert actions determine the destiny of the Humankind.
Infinity boasts innovative and dynamic rules that keep both players engaged and participating throughout the entire game sequence.

Two full-colour books in a slipcase. With improved and streamlined rules, new troops, more background to set the scene, and introducing O-12 and its Sectorial Army, Starmada, Infinity N4 goes one step beyond!

Please Note:

  • One copy of Infinity N4 supplied in English.
  • Pre-order Exclusive: Any orders placed before the 26th August will receive a free exclusive Oktavia Grímsdóttir, Icebreaker's Harpooner Miniature.
  • Miniature supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required,