Initiates of the Order of the Wall

Only those with a true calling can walk the path of the Order of the Wall. These men and women spend their youth honing body and soul to serve the Creator and to protect the faithful. To complete their training, initiates are sent out in small groups, tasked with guarding the Temple's servants in battle. Though still far from full mastery, several initiates standing side-by-side can withstand devastating blows from beast and machine alike. For this duty, each sets aside their sword and shield to wield blessed battleaxes instead, teaching them that the weapon they wield is secondary to each paladin's faith and resolve.

This elite unit is both "hammer" and "anvil," capable of withstanding attacks from enemy heavy hitters and then dealing substantial damage in return with their blessed axes. Warcasters capable of further increasing their already impressive defences, such as the Harbinger of Menoth or High Exemplar Kreoss, are fantastic combinations with this unit.


3x Initiates of the Order of the Wall

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