Wild Adventure

Wild Adventure
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From publisher blurb:

Only the Strong Survive the Wilds of the Iron Kingdoms

No place for the weak, the wilds are fundamentally dangerous environments where life springs from death and the latent arcane powers of the land are harnessed to fuel primal magic. In Iron Kingdoms Unleashed: Wild Adventure, brave heroes must face the ceaseless perils found in the entamed expanses of western Immoren. And with these new races, careers, eruipment options, and earth-shaking rituals, you just might make it out alive.

This supplement for the Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Roleplaying Game includes:

 Four playable races new to Unleashed: Bogrin, Croak, Gobber, and Ogrun
 New careers, abilities, and equipment
 New encounters you can integrate into your ongoing exploits or use as a starting point for an all-new adventure
 Rules for creating your own unique magic items
 Powerful ritual magic that enables game-changing abilities
 A full-length adventure pitting players against a terrifying bokor intent on resurrecting an ancient evil

Adventure Awaits the Bold!


RPG Iron Kingdoms Full Metal Fantasy Roleplaying Game,
Genre Fantasy (High Fantasy), Steampunk,
Category Sourcebook (rules/options to enhance play),
Artist Abrar Ajmal, Ainsley Yeager, Aleksey Kovalenko, Alexey Sherbakov, Andrea Uderzo, Anthony Feliciano, Brian Snoddy, Carlos Cabrera, Crystal Graziano, Dave Greco, David Kuo, Devin Platts, Guillame Menuel, Jessy Stetson, Johan Grenier, Justin Wong, Laine Garrett, Marco Mazzoni, Mariusz Gandzel, Matt Dixon, Matt Ferbrache, Miroslav Petrov, Nestor Ossandon, Richard Anderson, Setiawan Lee, Shona Fahland,
Designer Brian James, Craig Campbell, Daniel Marthaler, Doug Seacat, Josh Colón, Lyle Lowery, Orrin Grey, Steen Comer, Tim Simpson, Will Schoonover, Zachary C. Parker,
Product Type Role-playing game,