KeyForge: Winds of Exchange

KeyForge: Winds of Exchange
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Winds of Exchange adds loads of new content for the game, and the best part is the set is already completely developed! In fact, if the algorithm was not broken, the set would already be well on its way to stores this fall. This means that when we do relaunch KeyForge in the future, Winds of Exchange will be ready to produce and hit store shelves.

In addition to a whole new batch of cards and mechanics, Winds of Exchange also introduces the game’s eleventh house, the Compacts of Ekwidon. This is a mercantile house founded by the asymmetrical Getrookya, and it’s all about themes of trade and exchange. Joining the Ekwidon are six returning houses, including Brobnar, Sanctum, Saurians, Star Alliance, Unfathomable, and the long-awaited return of Mars!

—description from the publisher


Min Players 2
Max Players 2
Min Playtime 15
Max Playtime 45
Age 10
Mechanic Hand Management, Take That,
Category Card Game, Collectible Components, Fantasy, Fighting,
Designer Richard Garfield,
Product Type Board game,