Krit Kokram, Invincible Zúyŏngs Specialist

Krit Kokram, Invincible Zúyŏngs Specialist

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Who is Krit Kokram? He's a combat engineer, specialist, and a leader always at the vanguard of the Zuyong Invincibles. This is what his military record says. But, apart from this record, little to no information can be found on him. This is Krit Kokram nowadays, a Zuyong specialist who shares with a dead man the fascination with big guns and the thuggish demeanour of the Thai gangsters from Batta Racha.

This Krit Kokram miniature is an ideal Engineer profile to add to your Invincible Army Starter Pack for Yu Jing. This 2 Wound troop comes equipped with an AutoMedikit, and is the best option to support the Zuyongs, Terracotta soldiers.