Malifaux Second Edition Expansion: Crossroads

Malifaux Second Edition Expansion: Crossroads

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Malifaux Second Edition Expansion: Crossroads

Choose your pit masters, form your crew and enter through the portal to the land of Malifaux. Gang warfare played out on the table top in the ruins of a crumbling city Malifaux , fighting for the only source of the valuable mineral soulstone, which allows for magical effects and abilities. Crossroads is the newest addition to the Malifaux universe containing a huge selection of new stories further explore Malifaux, its characters and the roles they play.

This book also contains the rules for nearly two hundred models, which have been updated to second edition or been released since. This is an essential source of information to update your knowledge and game play for this amazing skirmish gmae and anyone who enjoys Malifaux will find something they love about this book.


Game System Malifaux
Format Softcover
Rules Type Expansion
Material Paper/Card
Size A4