Men at Work

Men at Work
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Higher and higher, the construction grows. Before long, the steel girders reach dizzying heights. Fearlessly, the workers carry on, with nothing more than hardhats to protect them. The danger of collapse hangs over everything — so just make sure that nothing happens! You also have to impress Rita, the boss, if you want to be Employee of the Month. There's a lot to do, so let's get going!

Men At Work is a stacking and balancing game in which players compete as workers on a job site who are carefully constructing a tower to avoid accidents and, maybe, earn Employee of the Month. The game includes three gaming modules to add loads of replayability, as well as wooden components housed within a well-designed insert for easy set up.

—description from the publisher


Min Players 2
Max Players 5
Min Playtime 30
Max Playtime 45
Age 8
Mechanic Stacking and Balancing,
Category Action / Dexterity,
Artist Bernard Bittler, Chris Quilliams,
Designer Rita Modl,
Product Type Board game,