Mother of Monsters - Lilith Box Set

Mother of Monsters - Lilith Box Set

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The mother of monsters. This high speed, combat based master leads her pack of ravenous fiends in to battle, killing for her brood and allowing them to feast on the blood and flesh she leaves in her wake. As her small children devour their dinner, there is the potential that these little tots quickly grow into bigger adolescents.

Lilith is one of the fastest, most evasive and powerful opponents anyone would ever dread to face, with her closest rival being Lady Justice from the Guild. Don't mess with this mum or her children.

Contains one Lilith Crew Box Set. Models are supplied unpainted, and some preparatory work may be required as well as assembly.


Game System Malifaux
For Ages 12+
Format Box Set
Unit Type Faction Box
Scale 32mm
Faction The Neverborn
Finish Unpainted
Material Plastic