The Yellow Clearance Black Box Blues Remastered

The Yellow Clearance Black Box Blues Remastered
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From back of box set:

You are YELLOW Clearance!

The original Yellow Clearance Black Box Blues - revised, updated... Remastered!

One of the most famous mission in Troubleshooter history has returned to enhance the lives of a new generation of clones. Once more Troubleshooters can our pursue the elusive Black Box, explore Outdoors, and bring peace and security to Alpha Complex.

We can't tell you what this adventure is about (except that lots of confused and desperate people are killing each other over a mysterious Black Box), but we can tell you what it (the mission, we mean, not the box - the Black Box, that is, not the one you are holding now) contains.

This box contains:
Track 1: Bop 'till You Drop
Track 2: I Was a Mutant for the FBI
Track 3: No-One Get Out of Here Alive
Track 4: Why Don't We Do it in the Road
8 Unique Equipment Cards
8 New Action Cards
3 Two-Sided Map Cards


rpg Paranoia (Rebooted)
genre Comedy / Satire
category Scenario / Adventure / Module
artist Amy Perret
artist Cheyenne Wright
designer Greg Costikyan
designer Paul Dean
designer John M. Ford
designer Daniel Seth Gelber
designer Eric Goldberg
designer Grant Howitt
designer James Wallis
Product Type Role-playing game