Freeport Bestiary

Freeport Bestiary
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The world of Freeport is a perilous one, as any swab can attest. Sailors face monsters like ocean wyrms and sail dragons, explorers must deal with ghost eaters and harpoon crabs, and city dwellers may be surprised by burnlings and flayed men. You’ll find all these creatures and many more in the Freeport Bestiary for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game!

This 180-page full color sourcebook includes a wide variety of threats, from classic Freeport adversaries like serpentmen and fire spectres to new monsters like corsair drakes and witch beasts. It’s the perfect complement to Freeport: The City of Adventure and can be used to add spice to any Pathfinder Roleplaying Game campaign.


rpg Pathfinder 1E Compatible Product
genre Fantasy
category Sourcebook (rules/options to enhance play)
artist Jesús Blones
artist Víctor Pérez Corbella
artist Biagio D'Alessandro
artist Ivan Dixon
artist Erik Gist
artist Hal Mangold
artist Britt Martin
artist Víctor Manuel Leza Moreno
artist Mharaid Morrison
artist Bryan Syme
artist Andrey Vasilchenko
artist Damon Westenhofer
designer Sam G. Hing
designer Stephen Hmiel
designer Robert Hudson
designer Andrew Marlowe
designer Sean O'Connor
designer Evan Sass
designer Owen K.C. Stephens
designer L. J. Stephens
designer Christina Stiles
designer Mike Welham
designer Barry A. Wilson