Rail Raiders Infinite

Rail Raiders Infinite
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Rail Raiders Infinite is a chibi sci-fi western board game for 2 to 4 players. Raid the Interstellar Express space-rail to earn loot, infamy, and the ire of C.O.W. and the Galactic Central Bank. In order to loot the train you’ll need to first dispose of the meddlesome Tinstar Lawbots, who will do everything in their power to stop your heist. Team up with other Raiders, or do what bandits do best, double-crossing them when their chips are down. Anything goes when you’re out to make a big score!

In Rail Raiders Infinite, players assume control of a bandit raiding the Interstellar Express space-rail. Raiders move from car to car searching for loot. The player who gets the biggest haul of double-dollars before the train makes it to the station wins the game. Combat and other actions are determined by rolling a “hand” of five or more custom poker dice. The player who scores the highest hand wins the roll.

Train Cars, except for the locomotive and caboose, always start the game face down showing the roof side of the car. This way raiders don’t know where the richest opportunities or the most Law Bots are beforehand. When a Raider moves onto, or starts its turn on, a face down car it may turn that car face up. Once a Train Car is turned face up, then Loot tokens are placed on the car and Long Arm of the Law cards are drawn equal to the numbers shown on the car.

Each player takes control of a single Raider. Each Raider has a model and a card with a unique ability which only that Raider may use. A Raider may take three actions during its turn from the following choices: Move, Search, or Showdown. Any action type can only be performed twice during a player’s turn. So while a player gets to take three actions only two of them can be the same type of action.

 Move: The Raider may move to an adjacent train car.
 Search: The Raider may reveal a Loot token and draw the number of Loot cards shown. A Raider may not Search if a Lawbot is on the same train car.
 Showdown: The Raider gets into a shootout with Lawbots or opposing Raiders!

At the beginning of a Raider's turn, a High Noon card is drawn. High Noon cards have special effects which may affect the turn's game play. Additionally, the High Noon deck serves as a timer for the game. Once the High Noon deck has been exhausted, the train has reached the station and the Raiders need to jump off the train or be captured!

Long Arm of the Law cards tell you how many, and what type of, Lawbots to place on the train car. Some Long Arm of the Law cards even have special effects that may swing the tide of the game allowing Lawbots to roll more dice, gain rerolls, or even speed up the train!

Poker dice are used to resolve shootouts and other situations within the game. Each die features six values: 10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace, and Joker. Players roll a hand of five dice and then attempt to make the highest poker hand from the results. The player with the highest hand wins!


Min Players 2
Max Players 4
Min Playtime 30
Max Playtime 30
Age 14
Mechanic Dice Rolling, Modular Board, Point to Point Movement, Take That, Time Track, Variable Player Powers,
Category Adventure, American West, Humor, Miniatures, Science Fiction, Trains,
Artist Ben Misenar, Daniel Dussault, Ein Lee, Elmer Damaso, Heath Foley,
Designer David Freeman,
Product Type Board game,