Rainbow Knights

Rainbow Knights
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Rainbow Knights is a fast and frantic real-time card game in which players seek to play as many cards as possible within a pre-determined play area. Each card extends the player's path, but players' paths must not intersect. Once no more cards may be played within the designed area, the player who managed to lay the most cards wins!

Special "obstacle" cards may be laid within the play area to increase difficulty, and a turn-based variant is included for those who want a more strategic, less frantic game.

In Rainbow Knights, players take on the roles of colorful knights competing to complete their flying rainbow trails while avoiding dangerous obstacles. The game is advertised to feature speed and dexterity for 2-6 players.


Min Players 2
Max Players 6
Min Playtime 5
Max Playtime 10
Age 10
Mechanic Network and Route Building, Pattern Recognition,
Category Action / Dexterity, Card Game, Real-time,
Artist Jason Nichols,
Designer David Carl,
Product Type Board game,