Realm of Battle: Sector Imperialis

Realm of Battle: Sector Imperialis


The Realm of Battle: Sector Imperialis gaming board is a high quality, plastic, modular gaming surface for Warhammer 40,000. Made from the same plastic as your Citadel miniatures, each of the six 2’ x 2’ tile sections can be painted in exactly the same way as the rest of your miniature collection.

There are two tile designs in the set, three of each, which are inspired by the war torn streets of an Imperial city. They can be arranged in any number of different ways to produce an almost endless variety of combinations, with streets large enough to accommodate a Baneblade (see image gallery above).

Miniatures not included. Product is sold unpainted and unassembled.


Terrain Properties Gothic, Industrial, Ruins, Science Fiction,
Scale 28mm,
Product Type Terrain,
Brand Games Workshop,