Game System Dropzone Commander
Format Blister
Scale 10mm
Unit Type Infantry
Faction The Shaltari
Material Metal
Finish Unpainted


Samurai are giant suits of armour and those that pilot them live for the joy of battle. More nimble than other walkers or skimmer vehicles they stride through the warzone in their heavy warsuits dealing damage with well practice skills. Such units are often made up of secondborn Shaltari, or those who have achieved enough renown with Firstborn squads to merit the use of such a suit.

Armed with Bio-atomiser weaponry that strips the flesh from enemy infantry with ease, even through solid walls and an underslung energy glaive is there when close offensive capabilities are needed. For many these suits are the stepping stone between infantry fighting and the more aloof tactics of battle and war strider combat and a Samurai pilot’s blood always flows hot with the desire to destroy their enemies eye to eye.

This blister includes 6 x 10mm scale white metal figures.

Please Note: Models are supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.


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