Scrawl 12+

Scrawl 12+
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Based on the same principles as the original scrawl game, this version simply has more family friendly and age-appropriate answers. Begin by drawing the description you have been given and pass it on to all players in turn by alternating between drawing and guessing.

Once returned to the original owner, reward points to your favourite guesses and doodles. In the extremely rare case that the original scenario matches the final players guess scrawl card, award yourself with 3 points!

The Scrawl 12+ Board Game allows for 4-8 players with 240 cards to choose from! Scrawl is guaranteed to keep teenagers laughing and having fun for roughly 30 minutes. No matter your drawing capability, this game will provide lots of fun with some hilarious guesses. Do not forget, most grins wins!


Min Players 4
Max Players 8
Min Playtime 30
Max Playtime 30
Age 17
Mechanic Line Drawing,
Category Party Game,
Artist Zoe Lee,
Designer (Uncredited),
Product Type Board game,