Scuttle!: The Curse of Black Jack

Scuttle!: The Curse of Black Jack
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Black Jack has been cursed to forever crave gold...but whenever he gains too much, his entire fortune disappears! This expansion adds even more diabolical ways you can amass wealth, including a new treasure of each value, three new crew members you can recruit, a Pirate Ghost, and Black Jack himself!

Scuttle! is a complete game in itself, but the expansion adds a whole new way to play the game - as an action, you can flip the top card of the deck. If it's treasure, add it to your stash! If it's not, discard it! But if your new bounty takes you above 21 treasure, you lose it all...


Min Players 1
Max Players 5
Min Playtime 5
Max Playtime 10
Age 6
Category Card Game, Children's Game, Expansion for Base-game, Pirates,
Artist Kelly Jo,
Designer Peter C. Hayward,
Product Type Board game,