Soldiers of Fortune

Soldiers of Fortune Information The cunning mercenary leader Hannibal, along with his impressive bodyguard Valkyrie, the unpredictable Maasai hacker Laxmee, and the incorrigible masked fighter known as Señor Massacre, make up an elite team to participate in the most exciting and, above all, lucrative spectacle of the entire Human Sphere: Aristeia!

This four-character expansion brings new ways to master the HexaDome. Hannibal allows you to alter the activation order of the aristos. Señor Massacre makes good use of his name by sending enemies to the infirmary. Valkyrie provides control and destruction in equal parts. And, finally, Laxmee allows you to both empower your team members and hinder your rivals with two new states.


1x Valkyrie Miniature 1x Laxmee Miniature 1x Hannibal Miniature 1x Massacre Miniature 16x Character Cards (4 Languages) 4x Initiative Cards 64x Tactics (4 Languages) 23x Tokens 1x Tactic Marker 8x New Rules Cards (4 Languages)

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