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From the publisher's website:

Lead the Rebellion with the Commander Signature Abilities Deck for Star Wars®: Age of Rebellion™! Created via our in-house manufacturing division, this deck comes with eighteen cards featuring thematic art, so you can keep the details of your character’s remarkable abilities at your fingertips and focus on the action. With these cards in hand, you can dedicate yourself to making difficult decisions, commanding your troops, and inspiring them towards brave and heroic actions.

With the Rousing Oratory signature ability, you can use your Leadership skill to motivate others into taking difficult, dangerous military actions. Unmatched Authority enables you to make your allies’ and followers’ lives easier by downgrading the difficulty of particularly challenging skill checks.

The Commander Signature Abililites Deck contains:
 • 2 cover cards (including a reference guide for each deck)
 • 18 standard sized talent cards


RPG Star Wars: Age of Rebellion,
Genre Science Fiction (Space Opera),
Category Accessory (dice, maps, screens, cards),
Artist Andrew Christensen, David Kegg, Jeff Lee Johnson, Joao Bosco, Matt Zeilinger, Mike Nash, Ryan Valle, Tomasz Jedruszek, Tony Foti,
Designer Corey Konieczka,
Product Type Role-playing game,