Tank Traps

Tank Traps

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Tank Traps!

Hedgehogs & Dragon's Teeth

Slow 'em down, hit 'em hard! Tank traps were a counter development of fast moving C20th mechanised warfare.

'Tschechenigel' Czech Hedgehogs where first seen on the Czech boarder. The Germans placed thousands of them along the beaches of Northern France. Made from angle iron welded together, these substantial trap tanks worked by lifting the tracks off the ground as they were run over (even on beaches). A disabled tank was easy for artillery to range and destroy!

Hedgehogs tank traps were great, however iron was needed as the raw material of war machines, so German technology came up with a concrete alternative - reinforced concrete structures they called Dragon's Teeth!

These tank traps are a must for any game where a defender has had time to reinforce their position. Each comes with its own base (three Hedgehoges & three Dragon's Teeth).

28mm Scale model supplied unassembled and unpainted. Miniatures not included.

3 x Hedgehog Tank Traps 3 X Dragon Teeth Tank Traps 6 x Laser Cut 2mm MDF 50mm Diameter Bases