Tarantula Battle Strider

Tarantula Battle Strider

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Tarantula Battle Strider

The Tarantula is a smaller, more agile version of the towering Warstriders. Its primary armament is the highly advanced Gravatic Magnifier (also known simply as the Grav-Cannon). This weapon delivers crushing fore to anything with mass – the larger and heavier the target, the more devastating its effect! By its very nature, it is also effective against skimmers.

It is also armed with a nose mounted micro-laser, a small but deadly accurate weapon well suited to destroying lightly armoured targets from great distances.

Battle Striders also feature anti-grav assistors and clamps on their legs and feet, allowing them to climb sheer surfaces to attack from above!

These factors, coupled with increased survivability over most Shaltari grav-tanks makes the Tarantula highly popular with certain less subtle Warchiefs who would prefer to crush their opponents than out-manouver them!

Two models per blister

10mm Scale

Length: 50mm (including legs)

Six Resin components each

Please note: These models come unpainted and some assembly may be required


Game System Dropzone Commander, Dropzone Commander,
Faction The Shaltari, The Shaltari,
Material Resin, Resin,
Scale 10mm, 10mm,
Unit Type Land Vehicle, Land Vehicle,
Finish Unpainted, Unpainted,