Tesla vs. Edison: Powering Up!

Tesla vs. Edison: Powering Up!
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The Powering Up! expansion takes Tesla vs. Edison gameplay to a whole new level by infusing exciting new systems and introducing both a sixth player and a solitaire variant! Fans of the game will delight in exploring:

 Building a headquarters. What is a good electric company without state-of-the-art facilities such as a laboratory, works, office, and studio? Each option offers different bonuses and rewards to the enterprising player!
 Responding to historical events. Dipping into the rich treasure trove that was the 19th century War of Currents, 21 real-life events add variety and flavor to every play. Exciting opportunities to fight for! Catastrophic calamities to recover from! Woe is the unprepared electricity capitalist!
 Empowering the women. Seven historical ladies join the gentlemen to engage in the War of Currents. Important female entrepreneurs, engineers, and artists are now available to draft for each company. Plus, one of these luminaries, trailblazing philanthropist Madam C.J. Walker, becomes the sixth player!
 A solitaire robot challenges the solo player with dynamic play!

The enhancements offered by the Powering Up! expansion bring new layers of strategy and fun to the Tesla vs. Edison experience without significantly lengthening game time.

So get ready to power up!


Min Players 1
Max Players 6
Min Playtime 60
Max Playtime 120
Age 14
Mechanic Area Majority / Influence, Auction/Bidding, Card Drafting, Hand Management, Network and Route Building, Stock Holding, Variable Player Powers, Worker Placement,
Category Economic, Expansion for Base-game, Industry / Manufacturing, Territory Building,
Artist Heiko Günther,
Designer Dirk Knemeyer, JR Honeycutt,
Product Type Board game,