Tharn Bloodweaver Haruspex

Tharn Bloodweaver Haruspex

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Tharn Bloodweaver Haruspex Information The bloodweaver haruspex is able to divine the strands of future and fate from the blood and viscera of her slain foes, bringing the power of divination to the bloodweavers who accompany her in battle. Her bloody fortune-telling guides their strikes with unerring accuracy and imbues them with lethal potency. Through her sacrificial rites, she empowers her sacral blade to act as a conduit for the very energies of life and death.

The Bloodweaver Haruspex adds numerous new abilities to the unit of Tharn Bloodweavers she leads. She protects them from enemy spells, empowers their attacks, and allows them to scout ahead of the rest of a Circle of Orboros army.


1x Tharn Bloodweaver Haruspex Please note: Miniature is supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.

Please note: As of April 2017 Privateer Press are no longer including stat cards in any of the miniatures from their Warmachine and Hordes ranges. The cards can be purchased separately in the faction Decks. Wayland Games are not able to supply any Privateer Press stat cards separately.