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The fun mint-tin sized dexterity game gamers and non-gamers will love!

Tinderblox sets players in a campfire setting, where each player will attempt to grow the fire! But watch out! Place the blocks badly and you risk burning down the camp!

Each turn players will draw a card from the campfire deck. The card will instruct them to place on the campfire a log, a fire block or any combination of the two (or more) in various orientations. Players use tweezers to "Play with fire" in a shared pool, however, once all pieces have been put together and are off the ground the player must carefully place this on the campfire!

The player who is the most careful with fire wins!

—description from the publisher


Min Players 2
Max Players 6
Min Playtime 3
Max Playtime 15
Age 6
Mechanic Pick-up and Deliver, Player Elimination,
Category Action / Dexterity, Adventure, Party Game,
Artist Rory Muldoon,
Designer Rob Sparks,
Product Type Board game,