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Publisher blurb:

Troika! is a complete role playing game, giving you everything you need to create characters and lead them through the hump-backed sky towards adventure.

From the introduction:

The world is drowning in nostalgic dross. Everyone with a set of thumbs has glued together a dungeon and a dragon, slapped on a name that tickled our childhood memories and called it good to print.

I’ve got thumbs but I prefer fantasy fighting.

What you have here is the bare bones of a role playing game that looks to show that the golden age of UK RPGs has some life left in its neglected old bones. The breed used here, when freed of corporate control and given some vigorous remodelling, shines as a smooth and flexible system that takes a solid five minutes to explain. The guts are tight, logical and robust, ready for a comeback in a new coat of paint.

But this isn’t really paint. Troika! is a vast unfinished construction on top of sturdy foundations, built in the original’s image as it might have been seen out of the corner of your eye on a sunny day. Obscure and incandescent.


category Core Rules (min needed to play)
artist Jeremy Duncan
designer Daniel Sell
genre Fantasy
rpg Troika!
Product Type Role-playing game