Ultramarines Chief Librarian Tigurius

Ultramarines Chief Librarian Tigurius
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The Ultramarines Chief Librarian Tigurius is a great way to add that centrepiece to your army. Librarians themselves are able to slaughter enemy troops with ease, using their Psychic powers to overload the Enemy mentally, rendering them helpless, or to augment the Librarians already considerable fighting prowess, making him a near-unstoppable killing machine! The Ultramarines, the largest Adeptus Astartes chapter in the Imperium, stand proudly alongside their Primarch Roboute Guilliman. All their heraldry is beautifully depicted on the gleaming armour of their greatest warriors. This highly detailed, multi-part plastic box set contains; 1x Ultramarines Chief Librarian Tigurius


Faction Ultramarines,
Game System Warhammer 40,000,
Unit Type HQ,
Scale 28mm,
Finish Unpainted,
Material Plastic,
Category Brutes, Science Fiction,
Product Type Miniature,
Model Count 1,
Class Paladin, Wizard,